Every Woven Forms rug tells a different story. Joining
them together, one common denominator: cohesion among
cultures, experimentation and refined weaving.

Living, March 2019

“With the Far East collection, Amini combines
the richness of a decorated carpet
with the neatness of a more graphic carpet …”

Domus, January 2018

“Traditional in the crafting and contemporary
in the design, the modern Wild Silk rugs seduce
and capture as if they were horizontal paintings.”

Elle Decor, March 2018

December, 2019

Il Sole 24 Ore

"Tappeti sul piedistallo come opere d'arte"
November, 2019

Marie Claire Maison France

"Figure libre"
November, 2019

Marie Claire Maison

"Link creativi"
November, 2019

Elle Decoration Russia

"Bosco Casa"
October, 2019

Wallpaper UK

October, 2019

Elle Decor

October, 2019

Casa Facile

"Non il solito collage"
September, 2019


September, 2019

Elle Decoration China

September, 2019

Elle Decoration Spain

"Oda al arte Ruso"
September, 2019

Elle Decor

September, 2019

Elle Decor

"Tra vintage e moderno"