During the first phase of using a hand-crafted carpet some inconveniences may occur. Knowing them and knowing how to deal with them can help you prevent irreversible damage.


It is advisable to avoid or minimize direct exposure to sunlight. The periodic rotation guarantees the homogeneity of the possible color variation.


An inevitable process in wool and viscose carpets, the spreading consists in the loss of small amounts of fleece, especially in the first phase of use. It generally reduces after the first months of use or after 20/25 treatments with vacuum cleaners.

Threads (or sprouts)

A high wear of the carpet often involves the creation of free fibers called "shoots", especially in hand-woven or hand-woven rugs. It is advisable to cut the threads that exceed the fleece with scissors, taking care to avoid the surrounding fibers.

Strong wear or footprints

Periodically rotating the carpet helps to distribute the signs of passage in all areas of the product, uniforming its aesthetics and attenuating the perception of the areas consumed. The materials most subject to wear are silk, viscose and high-pile wool.


In the first period, folds may occur due to the position of the product during shipment. Usually it takes 2 weeks of use to disappear, but to speed up the operation it is advisable to roll it up in the reverse direction.


Correct treatment and small daily attention allow to preserve over time the tactile and aesthetic qualities of the carpet. In addition to the quality of the washing technique, which must strictly be professional specially for an handmade carpet, there are some important expedients recommended.

Vacuum cleaning

Perform gentle movements with a low-intensity mode. We recommend using sweepers and manual accessories, alternatively the normal vacuum cleaner without beater bars. Always operate in the direction of the fleece, recognizable by its soft and smooth touch. Avoid insisting on edges and fringes.

Spot cleaning

Act immediately: time is a determining factor for the success of the work. Use a white cotton cloth, gently wipe with water and Marseille soap, rinse and dab. Restore the fleece in the original direction. If you can, leave the carpet dry outdoors.


Aesthetic care

Periodically it is possible to sanitize and restore brightness to the colors of the carpet. Use a white cotton cloth, gently caress the entire surface of the carpet with white vinegar diluted with water.


To eliminate the smell that the carpet can release once removed from the packaging it is sufficient to ventilate the environment for a few days.


Store the carpet in a dry, clean, ventilated and protected from sunlight area. The carpet should be rolled up with the fleece inside and packed under mothballs in a nylon bag. We recommend to keep it in a vertical position and not to place heavy objects on it.