To Good Beginnings

There are new days ahead of us, filled with more creativity and resourcefulness than ever. Around the corner, many are the blessings the future holds. Among the upcoming news, new designs, new collaborations, and a brand new catalog.

Every year, at this time, it was usual to meet with friends and customers. It was a sort of tradition, a tradition that lasted for over 30 years. It was a moment all of us were looking for, a good boost to start the new year ahead of us, shaking hands, presenting new products, discovering new collections, sharing stories and curiosities, and simply diving into the world of wonderfully woven art.

As we all know, things have gone a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean we should trim the precious bond that binds us together. There are new journeys ahead of us, journeys littered with new projects and collaborations, new ways to discover collections and exhibitions, and new digital tools. Among the novelties linked to the new days to come, we invite you to peek at our new Amini Gallery, an illustrative path throughout our timeless collections.


Cap, Woman, Man
René Gruau

A remarkable spirit of observation and a sense of synthesis. The illustrator, with a simple sketch, is able to express personality and originality, summing up the spirit of his time. So did Gruau. And so do Cap, Woman and Man, a series of graphic and timeless rugs able to stand out thanks to their strong personality.

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Precious Fibers Collection

Soft, fine, texturized, the alpaca wool is extremely valuable. Not surprisingly, textiles made with this precious fiber were once reserved for the Inca emperors only. Made of completely natural, renewable, and hand-spun alpaca, the Naua carpet is an extraordinary rug, a modern interpreter of timeless perfection.

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Fede Cheti

Amini draws some of his most iconic motifs from the Fede Cheti historical archive and re-proposes them in a contemporary key. Thus was born Ventaglio, a sinuous interpretation of air in motion, of dynamism and seduction, of grace and elegance. A carpet with refined design and colors, enhanced by the composition of wool and silk, and by precious handcrafting processing. 

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Inspired by the works of the French painter and sculptor Hans Arp, Jean carpets, designed by the communication and design studio Juma, are characterized by three-dimensional decorations made according to the ancient soumak tapestry technique of weaving strong and decorative textiles, but reinterpreted in a modern key.

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RD Braque
Rodolfo Dordoni

It could be defined as an “ode to the poetics of light”. As in a painting, in a play of chiaroscuro and infinite nuances, the new carpet RD Braque, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, depicts the refraction of light on glass, here instrument and material in the hands of the designer himself. Made of New Zealand wool and available in two colors, RD Braque is a rug with a strong personality, able to characterize any environment.

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Indoor/Outdoor Collection
Carlotta Fortuna

Woven using yarn made from the recycling of PET, the most widely recycled plastic in the world, the new Indoor/Outdoor collection represents the ideal balance between functionality, respect for the environment and aesthetically-minded quality. Designed by Carlotta Fortuna, the geometric patterns and color combinations of Pierre, Sesame, Coco and Prune evoke both Mediterranean and overseas ambiances.

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