Amini presents: Weaving Nature

Curated by Juma
May 11 – June 12, 2021
Amini Showroom, via Borgogna 7, Milan

Weaving Nature is the third appointment of From the Looms, the series of events that Amini dedicates to the launch of the new collection 2021. The protagonist is a selection of carpets united by the use of ancient and natural materials, simple and, at the same time, extraordinary, interpreted through an exploration of the relationship between design, art, and nature. Conceived and curated by Juma, the installation leads guests into a suggestive habitat populated by elements that intertwine, communicate and balance each other.

On display, different carpets woven with natural materials, precious as they are pure, untreated, and sustainable, handmade with traditional techniques. The new collection Jean, designed by Juma, and carpet Il Volo, designed by Fede Cheti, are displayed side by side the latest series of carpets conceived by Amini as a celebration of the finest yarns that mother-nature offers. Such as the Precious Fibers collection, with carpets Naua, and carpet Saya from the Texture & Colors collection.

The installation is enriched with a fine selection of artworks inspired by the theme of nature, a precious contribution of different artists. Sculptures and objects made with natural and primitive materials such as clay and stone, wood.

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