Amini presents: Abstract Room

Curated by Elisa Ossino
29 September – 24 October 2020
Amini Showroom, via Borgogna 7, Milan

Abstract Room is the first appointment of From the Looms, the series of events that Amini dedicates to the launch of the new collection 2021.

On the first exhibition, conceived and curated by Elisa Ossino Studio, the designer presents Ritagli, her new carpet series, for whom she designs an abstract set, a realm of the imaginary, in which hand-drawn shapes, pencil strokes, and coloured fleeces relate and communicate to each other. An exhibition able to establish an intimate and experimental dialogue between Ritagli and Teorema, the two collections created by Elisa Ossino, together with a wide variety of objects and furnishings she has created over the years, creating a fluid narrative path in the search for the inexhaustible expressive potential of geometry, material, and color.

“The dialogue between these pieces, the carpet collections and the space is conducted through the strong pictorial intention and modernist lines. (…); tactile and sensory perceptions, chromatic scales, the relationship between environment, light and volumes, converge to produce an evocative effect of extraordinary coherence.”

An exhibition in which the physical space is transformed by stepping away from reality and tending towards a dreamlike abstraction, presenting alongside the carpets, the precious designs of companies such as De Padova, Officine Saffi, Paola C., Salvatori, SEM, Trakatan, Up to you Anthology, Viccarbe and La Calce del Brenta, technical sponsor of the exhibition.

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