Limited Editions

David Wiseman

Pasadena, 1981

In his works, David Wiseman draws upon traditions of time-honored craftsmanship and experimentation of contemporary design methods to create poetic and sculptural works spanning the spectrum of fine and decorative arts. His pieces offer his unique renderings of extraordinary natural phenomena, such as cast bronze and porcelain blossoming branch chandeliers, a bird hidden in a bronze fireplace screen, light installations that reproduce fantastic luminous branches or faceted blown-crystal tumblers. His commitment to immerse himself in traditional materials and methods involves the frequent use of precious objects from the past. Wiseman has created site-specific installations for public institutions, international brands and private collections. David Wiseman lives and works in Los Angeles.



“Animals have always played an important part in my process of conceiving imagined realities. For me, they are muses, opening up the possibilities for a view of nature in which trees, streams, and clouds converge into patterns, forms, and colors.”

Collage gold
Collage blue
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