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Gio Ponti

The great harmony and sense of measure, born from the balance between design, shapes and colors are the hallmarks of the furnishing complements from the Gio Ponti collection. Tibetan wool and natural silk masterpieces that regale homes with the sober elegance imbued by the Milanese master into virtually all aspects of his twentieth-century projects.

Decorations whose aura of timeless classics hark back to the many defining moments of Ponti’s extraordinary artistic development. These include the “Labirinto” pattern, or the essential geometrically shaped patterns, and finally, another Ponti trademark are the free form, delicately woody, floral sprays known as “brushstrokes” which often decorated his letters. The still ongoing exchange with the Studio Ponti was the natural step of a process undertaken by those who believe in a project and are determined to go all the way, a natural choice coming from a company whose goal is to undermine lazy clichés and grapple with difficult challenges. And Ferid Amini does not hide his desire to approach some fragments of Ponti’s oeuvre, showing his extraordinary design skills, with the humbleness of the scholar, but also with the entrepreneur’s ambition to reinterpret them through unique carpets with inimitable designs.

Playful freshness and lively colours sign the collection of the great designer, master of composition and decoration.

About Gio Ponti

Designer, architect, magazine editor, academic, painter, writer and also poet. It’s impossible to condense Ponti’s accomplishment in a single word. Out of all his work of design he became known as the Father of Italy’s post-war design renaissance. His main idea was to propagate for design excellence, and he encouraged everyone to use good design in order to be able to enjoy the vivid, sensual and good life. His design was characterized by harmony between form, color and function, which is in fact the main idea of the modernist movement. His extraordinary prolific work is recognized all over the world as symbol of the democratic, modern and sophisticated Italian design.

Sorrento, blue
Sorrento, brown
Riflessi, grey
Riflessi, beige
Taranto, beige
Taranto, brown
Taranto, grey
Diamantina, multi
Diamantina, yellow grey
Diamantina, blue
Sole Luna, brown
Sole Luna, grey
Incroci, blue
Incroci, beige
Labirinto, black
Labirinto, blue
Labirinto, red
Labirinto, green
Labirinto, blue black
Lettera Disegnata, grey
Lettera Disegnata, multi
Esagoni, blue
Esagoni, green
Lune Collection, Cara, silver
Lune Collection, Cara, white
Lune Collection, Arena, chocolate black
Lune Collection, Arena, white