Gio Ponti

Gio Ponti

Designer, architect, magazine editor, academic, painter, writer and also poet. It’s impossible to condense Ponti’s accomplishment in a single word. Out of all his work of design he became known as the Father of Italy’s post-war design renaissance. His main idea was to propagate for design excellence, and he encouraged everyone to use good design in order to be able to enjoy the vivid, sensual and good life. His design was characterized by harmony between form, color and function, which is in fact the main idea of the modernist movement. His extraordinary prolific work is recognized all over the world as symbol of the democratic, modern and sophisticated Italian design.


Esagoni blue

Labirinto blue black - detail

Making contact with the Gio Ponti universe was a natural thing to do, having decided on following a route, firmly believing in the project and determined to see it through. Amini made available its impressive experience and its vast database of colours, weaves and patterns. The Gio Ponti Archives came up with original designs, references to architectural styles and constructions, but also unknown unpublished details. The end result is a multifaceted meeting of kindred spirits and elements: the creativity of a master of design and the mastery of a successful manufacturing company, beauty, matter, the conceptual idea and its technical realization. The work was complex, but it yielded a collection both elegant and refined, with contemporary rugs that play on sometimes lighter or more pronounced features, on blurred contrasts or hints of very bright colors, and on simple geometries that convey a sense of three-dimensionality and depth to the carpet.