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Masters. While different with regard to generation, training, experience, and legacy, what unites them is a self-same project: a kind of unfettered, personal quest, indeed, a search for the discovery and development of a dynamic and multifaceted modernity.

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Gio Ponti

The great harmony and sense of measure, born from the balance between design, shapes and colors are the hallmarks of the furnishing complements from the Gio Ponti collection. Tibetan wool and natural silk masterpieces that regale homes with the sober elegance imbued by the Milanese master into virtually all aspects of his twentieth-century projects.

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Ico Parisi

The eccentric personality of Ico Parisi, whose activities focused on the principle of integration of the arts, could not fail to arouse the interest of Ferid Amini, attentive investigator and admirer of the many areas of the Italian project, often poorly researched and investigated on.

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Manlio Rho

The decision to make carpets reinterpreting the pure forms and unique color palette of Manlio Rho is a further testament to the intelligent research conducted by Amini into the art world on a quest to discover and popularize immense artistic talents. Indeed, the paintings signed by the taciturn maestro from Como are seldom remembered or, at the most, relegated to a small local fan-base, while more often than not even historicized auteurs enjoy greater popularity, despite it owing more to market trends than artistic merit.

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Joe Colombo

A blend of New Zealand wool varieties, hand tufted and with a finishing effect that discreetly harks back to a 1960s feel, are the distinguishing features of the carpets from the Joe Colombo Collection. This eclectic mix would have been certainly been to the liking of the brilliant designer, who was always well informed and up-to-date on manufacturing materials and technical details, at least as much as he was also sophisticated, and attentive lover of beauty.

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René Gruau

René Gruau has been one of the most significant and recognizable illustrators of the XXth century, capable through his elegant and incisive lines to mark an era, becoming part of the collective memory. From the archive of Fede Cheti, Amini has selected five iconic illustrations by the Italian-French artist, creating two hand-knotted carpets in a precious mix of wool and silk.

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Fede Cheti

A prominent figure on the international design scene of the 20th century, Fede Cheti is known for having launched and proposed fabrics based on both hers and famous creatives’ designs. Her experiments in the field of industrial textiles have merged with the highest form of decorative art of that time; today Amini proposes that very same taste and style in two surprising carpets, traditional in the workmanship and contemporary in the design.