Integration is surely one of the favourite words of Ferid Amini, the current head of the Amini division, and a value passed down in his family from generation to generation. In every sense of the word, integration, symbolises for the company the union of different cultures, countries, experiences, skills in a mix of styles, art and creativity. Amini promotes the merger of expertise, the permeation of images and atmospheres from distant worlds, both in geographical terms and in the sense of the disciplines involved. This is why the art world, which has always esteemed the carpet as an object, is one of the most important sources of ideas for the company. Art pre-empts Zeitgeist and painting best expresses colours, shades, the most desired combinations, the most vibrant contrasts. This is the reason behind the many collaborations with internationally famous artists or less well known creative souls who interpret the extraordinary essence of the carpet to bring to life new proposals, original solutions, unique articles created for an exhibition, a performance or a gallery.


Woven Forms - 57th International Venice Biennale

In conjunction with the 57th International Venice Biennale, R & Company announces Woven Forms, a special exhibition that will be on view from May 10 to July 31 at Palazzo Benzon in Venice, Italy. Woven Forms presents a selection of striking limited-edition carpets designed by contemporary artists and produced in close collaboration with Amini.

Woven Forms - The Artists

Wendell Castle

The Haas Brothers

David Wiseman

Thaddeus Wolfe

Renate Müller

Woven Forms explores the history of the carpet-making processes from India and Nepal and challenges the limits of the craft and the industry by offering some of the design world’s greatest talents the opportunity to explore their ideas within the medium of textile. The exhibition features original creations by a selection of designers: Dana Barnes, David Wiseman, Hun-Chung Lee, Katie Stout, Lluis Lleo, Renate Müller, Rogan Gregory, Thaddeus Wolfe, The Haas Brothers, Wendell Castle.

Hand woven by Amini

All this precious carpets are specials editions and produced in the world’s leading weaving factories in Nepal and India. Each carpet takes roughly six months to produce due to the intricacy of the pattering and the particular hand-weaving and dying methods. All carpets are made with natural wool and silk that has been delicately hand-knotted and woven to precision.


Design Miami/Miami 2014 - Miami Beach, Florida

In occasion of Design Miami/Miami 2014 R & Company has collaborated with Amini to produce unique and limited edition rugs designed by a curated selection of artists. The project breaks from the long-standing tradition of artists making carpets by printing a preexisting painting, drawing, or photograph on a rug. Instead, each artist has created a unique design that considers the form, material and process while simultaneously reflecting their individual styles.

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