Sorrento | Gio Ponti Collection

A collection designed on the Maestro’s visual legacy, breathing new life into forms and symbols, patterns and shades, fabrics and sharp lines. Triangle, circle, hexagon, unbroken or stippled lines are just a few of the geometries and graphic motifs typical of the Gio Ponti collection.

Composizione 74 | Manlio Rho Collection

Polygonal figures that are arrayed, interlocked and intertwined in Rho’s compositions play out these relations according to the so-called golden ratio. Discover the new collaboration Design Icons with the Manlio Rho’s carpet Collection.

Isola | Joe Colombo Collection

A blend of New Zealand wool varieties, hand tufted and with a finishing effect that discreetly harks back to a 1960s feel, are the distinguishing features of the Joe Colombo Collection. Love of beauty is the starting point for translating this Milanese architect’s futuristic vision into material, color and knots.

Flora | Wild Silk Collection

The Wild Silk collection draws inspiration from the suggestions of natural and exotic scenery, declining them with endless combinations of form and color as nature itself is wont to do. Hence, Lake, Ocean, and Flora convey the feel of liveries, furs, animalier, floral and arboreal designs of distant lands.

Luce | Flower shade

Shapes and colours of nature give rise to a precious collection, where refined materials, delicate colour combinations and skilled workmanship are the defining elements. Together they create a new aesthetic language and a new vision of floral decoration.



Wool, linen, silk, leather and many other top quality completely natural materials that are sourced directly on site.

Product highlight

Overview on the Joe Colombo Carpet Collection.


Connect to the Amini Bespoke Collection.

Design Icons

Discover the Amini collaborations, when creativity meets the mastery of a manufacturing company.

Limited Editions

Amini announces Woven Forms, an exhibition where art meets rug, in collaboration with R&Company


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